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We handle fire/smoke & water damages, mold inspection & removal, and remodeling.

Storm & Wind Damage Restoration Experts in Gainesville

Storms and strong winds often create disaster. The possibility of a storm damaging your house in very high in Gainesville Florida. It is not unusual for natural disasters and severe storms to form when least expected. If you home or business is damaged in a thunderstorm the experts at Worthmann Restoration is here to help. We help with wind damage, flooding, fallen trees and other related damages. Our services include restoring and cleaning residential and commercial buildings.

Storm Damage Restoration Experts

You can rely on Worthmann Restoration for any storm damage. Our experts perform thorough steps to ensure immediate and affordable restoration.

Step 1: Damage Control
First, we will instantly board up and tarp all necessary areas. We also repair damaged roofs, porches, interior and exterior walls, and any other area of your home that was impacted during a severe storm.

Step 2: Site Cleanup
After securing the area, our experts will begin removing debris. We will safely remove personal belongings that may have been damaged.

Step 3: Reconstruction
Lastly, we prepare an estimate to determine the cost for restoration. We will work with your insurance provider if applicable.

#1 Storm Damage Restoration Experts

Our restoration services include roof repairs, tree removal, repair siding, replace doors and windows, cleanup debris, insurance claims and reconstruction/renovation. If your property was damaged by severe winds, lightning, tornado, hail, hurricane or a falling tree please call the experts at Worthmann Restoration.

For emergency Roof Repairs contact us:

Contact Joiner’s Tree Service for Tree Removal after a severe storm.

Emergency Restoration Services

When disaster strikes, contact our team of restoration specialists first.